As of May 26, 2020

Scher Center's COVID-19 Resource Center

Our office has been working hard to stay up to date on all current CDC, EPA, State and Federal guidelines regarding caring for our patients since the beginning of the first case in our country.  According to the NM Governors office, chiropractic offices are fully open to serve in all capacities as of mid May. To stay up to date with available appointment times, we are using an online scheduling service where you get to see what times are available, this way if we need to change it, you will see in real time what the options are. Currently we have hours on Monday pm and Tuesday am. Hours will be extended on June 29th to be M-Thursday.We have in place a very thorough Office Procedure and Safety Manual which you will find very informative, it was crafted in April and some of the guidelines have already shifted.  It was intended for only our team but we think it will be helpful for you to have as well so that you know what to expect when you come to the office.  Click on the link  to view the procedures installed at Scher Center in the Health and Safety Manual.  We also have a health and safety procedure on our white board in the office to inform you of our protocols.

SCWB Office Procedures and Safety Manual

Here is a list of "Essential" workers in their fields from The US Department of Homeland Security...  CLICK HERE   (You will see Chiropractic listed)

If you have additional resources that you think would be beneficial for our practice family and our community, let me know and I'll add it to our resource page.  -Dr. Judy