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What to expect on your first visit:

Our wonderful staff will greet you and take any paperwork that you needed to fill out including a history intake form, a stress questionnaire, a HIPPA form, and anything else that we think is important for your intake and to get to know you better.

You are welcome to have some tea or water while we get your paperwork together.  We will ask you to remove your shoes before going back to the consult/exam room.

You will then meet with Stacy, our New Patient Educator and she will then work personally with you to discuss your health and wellness concerns and goals. We will complete a series of non invasive computerized scans to assess your posture and the function of your nervous system. One of the doctors of chiropractic will also do a comprehensive exam of your neural-spinal system including exploring how your body responds to the gentle style of work that we do here.

Included in your orientation to our care and our office, you will return for a second visit where we will go over all of the findings with you. At this time we will together determine if our Care is appropriate to help you reach your goals for true healing and if so, what a personalized care plan would look like for you.

Education is crucial! As part of your intake process, you will also attend an introductory class to learn about Network Spinal Analysis and the Reorganizational Healing tools we use here at Scher Center.

We look forward to seeing you!