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Dr. Judy L. Scher, D.C.

Director and founder of Scher Center for Well Being established in Santa Fe, NM in 1992. Click on the above tab, Dr. Judy Scher for more info.




Dr. Laura Dabby. D.C. is a chiropractor, wellness educator and dancer from San Diego, California. Dr. Laura has a deep appreciation for the body as a primary form of communication and human expression.  She is passionate about helping people awaken to their unique gifts and expression of self through connection with their own body.

Dr. Laura's background in dance inspired her search for life-long strategies to create optimal health.  While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she was introduced to a chiropractic approach which allowed for greater strength, adaptability, confidence and presence in her own life and body.  Having experienced such profound growth in her own wellbeing, and seeing the potential for how others could live more fully as well, she became inspired to learn and share this work.

She has since been committed to building a healing community in collaboration with other inspired leaders.  While attending Chiropractic College, Dr. Laura helped launch and grow a weekly free clinic, worked with the Tibetan refugee community in India, and co-created a chiropractic coaching program to inspire compassionate and gifted chiropractors.  Since graduating she has had the privilege of sharing Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration with communities in California, Colorado, North Carolina, Israel, India, and New England, where she held an associate position at the Cheshire Wellness Center in Keene, New Hampshire.  Dr. Laura is excited to now share her gifts in Santa Fe, NM, as a Network pracitioner and be a part of the team at The Scher Center for Well Being.

Dr. Laura Dabby holds a Bachelors Degree in Dance from UCSB, a certificate in Stage Management from The Juilliard School, and a Doctorate Degree from Life Chiropractic College West.


Dr. Itamar Itzhak. D.C.

Dr. Itamar “E” Itzhak is a chiropractor, artist, and wellness educator. Dr. E is passionate about helping and serving people. He has been serving and helping develop creative solutions to people needs and wants in the past two decades. As a veteran of the armed forces, he has deep compassion and understanding of the needs and stresses those armed forces, and law enforcement, both active duty personnel and veterans have and deal with on a constant basis. He grew up on a Kibbutz where he got engrained with the values of equality, sharing, helping, and supporting others.

As a student, he was heavily involved in various leadership roles. He served on the executive boards of three different student organizations. Leading and growing them into new possibilities and successful operation levels. He helped developing and strengthening alliances and collaborations between the student bodies of the various chiropractic schools across the United States and overseas.

Dr. E loves being immersed in nature and takes any opportunity to hike, experience, and marvel the beauty of nature. He loves to travel, experience different cultures, and explore their folklore, cuisine, arts, and way of living. One of his favorite forms of art is the culinary field. He is an avid cook, and sees his gastronomic creations as an expression of love and gratitude.


Dr. Indy Ishaya. D.C.

Dr. Indy Ishaya is a chiropractor, meditation instructor, movement coach, and swordsman. He is a graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Indy has been around chiropractic care throughout his life; one of his earliest memories is of being in a chiropractic office with his mother and younger sister. That early exposure, and subsequent visits throughout his life delineated the difference between those who received regular care, and those who did not. This awareness, combined with an overwhelming desire to help people and serve his fellow human beings, proved a natural fit for him to attend Chiropractic College in order to best bring his gifts to the world.

During his college years, he studied with and met world class healers, studying everything he could about the way the body works and heals, alternative, cutting edge, fringe technologies, energy medicine, and natural methods of healing and improving the human condition. That search continues to this day.

Dr. Indy has also spent years travelling the globe, teaching meditation and yoga to thousands seeking a better way to connect to themselves and impact their lives for the better. A lifelong martial artist, he has studied dozens of arts, taught tai chi and kung fu, instructed professional athletes, and trained with world class coaches. His current passion is for the sword, studying period medieval fencing manuals and techniques, training with others to do the same. Any given weekend can find him either on the tournament list field, or climbing the hills and mountains of NM.

He is married to a woman of exceptional beauty and talent, who supports him well beyond any reasonable or rational expectations. They are the proud parents of 4 feline fur-babies, and the world’s best dog, Sophie.